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RT @TheMalama: Nicely done @oldspice #oldspicerobot #sdcc #comiccon http://t.co/inQfiA2bT3-1 day 20 hours ago
#oldspicerobot says: Loading human phrases database. Database corrupted. Hey cool dude birds, chow up on some pizza van good grades wow.-1 day 22 hours ago
#oldspicerobot says: Let’s be friends together and talk about things friends talk about like conversations, goings ons, and large pizzas.-2 days 12 hours ago
See human bliss on my face from this interaction! RT @ComicShopGuy: @OldSpice #oldspicerobot bonding w/my BMF #sdcc http://t.co/flSIpSY4zW-2 days 14 hours ago
You are my best friend. RT @Dan_Laferriere: The #oldspicerobot thought I was some cleaning guy @sisflip028 http://t.co/rnUQxYYvhq-2 days 14 hours ago